Organizing your financial life, setting new grads on the right financial path, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

June 13, 2020

4 simple tips to organize your financial life

MarketWatch article about simple steps you can take to help organize your bills and investments.

Will the pandemic postpone my plans to retire?

Forbes article about steps you can take now to prepare your finances and adjust your plans because of the recent volatility if you’re hoping to be able to retire in the next five years.

How to invest safely during COVID-19

Good advice in NextAvenue about how to choose stocks, bonds, bank CDs and other investments in the volatile COVID-19 economy, and how to get help with investing and financial decisions.

How to get your money to those who need it more than you

New York Times about charitable-giving options if you want to support people who need help during this difficult time without having to go through a large charity.

Seniors jump back into the job market despite risks

Interesting article in the Nashville Ledger about people over age 60 who are returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic and reimaging their retirement to include some work or self-employment beyond age 65.

Graduates: 4 ways to give yourself a better start as you set out into the world

Great personal finance advice in MarketWatch for new college graduates.

Individual investors get burned by the collapse of complex securities

Wall Street Journal investigation about what happened when investors who were looking for alternatives to low interest rates put their money into complex products that held big risks — and lost large amounts of money when their value plummeted during the coronavirus downturn. Interesting stories and a good lesson about investing in products that are difficult to understand and seem too good to be true.

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