Retirement goals, buying a home during a pandemic, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

July 24, 2020

My four goals

HumbleDollar editor and long-time personal finance columnist Jonathan Clements shares his own financial goals for retirement and assesses his progress towards reaching them.

How to prepare to retire earlier than you planned

Some workers over age 50 who lose their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic are deciding whether or not to give up the job search and retire early. This article in NextAvenue provides some good financial advice for the early retirement decision.

At a time of financial stress, 401(k) fees matter more than ever

High investing fees can always have an impact on your retirement savings — especially during volatile times. This New York Times article explains what you can do to help reduce the fees you pay in your 401(k).

Once you’re out of the market, it’s tricky getting back in

When the market plunged in March, investors pulled out a net $326 billion from mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Many are still on the sidelines and have missed the rebound — and are having a difficult time deciding how to get back in.

Retirement planning mistakes to avoid during coronavirus

Helpful article in U.S. News about how to avoid 7 common mistakes when dealing with the recent financial turmoil.

Protecting your credit during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’ve lost your job or your income is down, you may have trouble paying your bills — or you may have been able to cover your expenses with your emergency fund for a few months, but are now starting to have trouble. Good advice and resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about steps you can take when working with your lenders — and your rights under some recent laws — that can help you protect your credit during these difficult times.

Scammers Cash In on COVID-19: How to Protect Yourself

Scam artists have been coming out in full force to take advantage of the financial turmoil from the coronavirus pandemic. Great article in the Consumers’ Checkbook about new trends in scams and how to protect yourself, including several peoples’ stories of COVID-19 scams.

Buying their first home during the coronavirus pandemic

Wall Street Journal article featuring interesting stories of real people’s experiences with buying a home during this unusual time, and their explanations for why they wanted to buy a home now. Several ended up moving to areas they’d never considered a year ago because remote work has given them the freedom to live wherever they want.

Employers are reconsidering workplace benefits for newly remote workers

Now that more people are working from home, employers can no longer lure them with in-person benefits such as break-room recreation, snack bars and comfortable hangout areas. This FastCompany article explains that many employers are now focusing on perks that can help people make it through this turbulent period instead, such as online health and wellness programs, virtual summer camp programs for employees’ kids, a flexible work schedule, and stipend to help them set up their home office.

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