Weekend Reads: Give the gift of education, protecting your digital assets, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

November 22, 2019

How these aging experts decided where they’d live in later life

NextAvenue interviewed gerontologists — professors and other professionals who focus on aging issues –- about how they decided where to live in retirement. An interesting article concept, with some unexpected answers when the experts apply their knowledge to their own lives.

This holiday gift could earn your child $52,927

Opening up a mutual fund account for your child and setting up automatic monthly investments — even of small amounts — can be a valuable and long-lasting gift. The investments can grow significantly over 20 or 30 years, and the experience can teach your child about the stock market and long-term investing. Instead of using the money for college, let them keep the money in the account for their own future — which they can use for a house down payment or other goals when they become adults.

FAFSA says how much you can pay for college. It’s often wrong.

If you have children who are in college or are applying to schools right now, you’re very familiar with the FAFSA, the federal financial aid form. This New York Times article includes an excellent explanation about how the financial aid calculations work and how colleges put together aid packages — and what real families end up doing to fill in the gaps.

How to make your digital life part of your estate plan

Interesting Forbes article about the laws governing what happens to your digital assets — such as your online accounts, password-protected financial accounts, social media, and files on your computer and the cloud — after you die and how to provide access to your executor, relatives or another trusted person.

Cybercrime booms as scammers hack human nature to steal billions

Frightening NPR article about sophisticated attacks by scammers who hack into your personal or business communications and then pose as vendors requesting a business transaction or suitors asking for financial help in order to get your money.

How baseball cards got weird

Not your typical personal finance topic, but a fascinating business article in the Atlantic about the evolution of the baseball card market, and how card manufacturers and collectors adjusted after the bottom fell out.

3 easy ways you can save for retirement — while still growing (and investing in) your business

It’s tempting for business owners to reinvest all of their money into their business and overlook their own retirement. This Inc. article provides good tips for maintaining a balance between the two goals.

How to give the gift of a college education

Timely article in MarketWatch about why you should put some holiday gift money into a 529 college-savings plan, and how to to get your relatives and friends to contribute to your child’s account, too.

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