Weekend Reads: Handling market volatility, reverse mortgages, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

February 29, 2020

Don’t lose it

How to put the recent stock market volatility into perspective and focus on the things we can control when saving for the future, by long-time financial columnist Jonathan Clements.

Afraid to retire? What to do on day one

Great advice for people who are afraid to take the plunge and retire to help them get excited for the next chapter — whether it’s spending time on new hobbies, learning, exploring, volunteering, or finally being able to live out some of your childhood dreams. Filled with resources to help you get started.

The pros have to sell stocks now. You don’t

Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig explains how individual investors behaved differently from professionals during previous periods of market volatility and have been rewarded for their stability.

Have you misplaced a retirement plan?

More than $38 million is sitting in about 70,000 unclaimed retirement savings plans that people lost track of after they left their jobs. A great reminder from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College to track down old retirement accounts, including a link to the state unclaimed property databases.

You can borrow for retirement. It’s called a reverse mortgage

The Washington Post’s personal finance columnist, Michelle Singletary, explains the pros and cons of reverse mortgages and how to decide whether they can be a good way to help you afford to stay in your home throughout retirement.

Retired, or hoping to be, and saddled with student loans

This New York Times article focuses on the growing number of people over age 60 who are still paying off student loans when they’re about to retire. Most are loans they took out or co-signed to help their children or grandchildren pay for college, but about one-quarter are still paying off student loans for themselves. Interesting stories of how real people are dealing with this situation.

How to get your finances in order before you quit or switch careers

Actionable advice from Fast Company about smart financial steps to take before leaving your job. Helpful if you’re taking time off to change careers, start a new business, or even if you’re about to retire.

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