Weekend Reads: Recovering from 401(k) mistakes, 0% capital gains taxes, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

December 14, 2019

Retirement is a long way off. That gives you plenty of time to get it right…or wrong

Mistakes people in their 40s wish they hadn’t made with their 401(k)s — and how they caught up on their retirement savings after that.

For millennials making their way, a detour: To caregiving

Excellent New York Times article about a surprising trend — people in their 20s and 30s who are caring for aging parents. Stories of people’s experiences and how to find help.

These investors can cash in their investments with 0% capital gains taxes

Perfect timing to read this CNBC article about how to harvest capital gains from successful investments at the lowest tax rate before the end of the year, and how the move can help your long-term financial situation.

4 myths about retiring abroad

Two expats who retired to Ecuador 10 years ago clear up common misconceptions about retiring abroad.

8 things you can learn from those with a perfect credit score

Interesting Forbes article about lessons from people who have a perfect 850 credit score, and key steps that can help anyone improve their score.

Saving myself

Jonathan Clements, founder of personal finance site HumbleDollar and longtime Wall Street Journal columnist, reflects on the financial decisions he made throughout his career and how they helped or hurt his retirement plans.

Give yourself a holiday gift with these 5 IRA moves before the end of 2019

Strategies to make the most of your IRA before the end of the year.

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