Reinventing yourself after a job loss, teaching finance to children, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

May 2, 2020

Reinventing yourself after a job loss

Many people are losing their jobs, and it can be particularly challenging for people who have been established in their careers for years to start over during a difficult financial time. This inspiring story provides good advice to help people in their 50s who lose their jobs and then find a new and rewarding career.

Your Money: A hub for help during the coronavirus crisis

Clear and frequently updated explanations from the New York Times about timely financial issues, including how to receive stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, and paid sick leave and family leave, as well as special rules and advice for paying federal student loans, mortgages and rent, and utility bills.

Why haven’t I gotten my stimulus check? 6 reasons your payment might be a no-show

Information from MarketWatch about why you may not have received your stimulus check yet — and what you can do to speed up the process if you’re eligible for the money.

5 key financial challenges to navigate during COVID-19

Great advice from financial planner Mari Adam about special provisions in the CARES Act and other resources to help if you’ve lost your job, lost your health insurance, you’re struggling to pay your mortgage or student loan payments, or you need to cut your budget.

How the pandemic is making the retirement crisis worse — and what to do about it

Interesting article by long-time financial journalist Chris Farrell about the ripple effects the coronavirus financial situation will have on retirement savings for years, and some policy recommendations to help improve the outcomes.

Taking Social Security in the pandemic: What to know

You can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits at age 62 or older, and some people who have lost their jobs may be tempted to take early benefits to bring in extra cash now. But taking benefits before your full retirement age will reduce your annual payouts for the rest of your life. This New York Times article answers some key questions about the factors to consider before deciding when to take Social Security benefits, especially if you need extra money now.

Patriots linebacker Brandon Copeland also coaches children on finance

Boston Globe article about how New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Copeland has become an advocate for financial literacy — teaching classes and webinars on financial management, and recently creating online videos to teach financial literacy for children currently learning at home.

Time Out New York

Time Out New York is usually a great guide to events and activities in New York City. But now that everything has closed, they’ve transformed into an excellent resource for online experiences that people can enjoy from anywhere — including sections featuring the best virtual tours of beautiful places and museums, online classes, and interesting livestreams. The “Keep the Kids Entertained” section lists special programs available now, such as online learning with Sesame Street, Disney recipes to try at home, a virtual Harry Potter exhibit at the British Library, and bedtime stories ready by Dolly Parton. A fun roundup of things to do from your home over the weekend.

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