Weekend Reads: Retire abroad in 2020, paying of holiday credit, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

January 11, 2020

The best places to retire abroad in 2020

If you dream of retiring abroad, this article lists the top destinations based on affordability, economic stability, safety, climate, retiree benefits and other factors.

20 New Year’s resolutions for making your retirement dreams come true

Clear and actionable advice from financial planners to help you save for the future, get out of debt, protect your family, manage your investments, and prepare for retirement.

Tips for paying off your holiday credit card debt

Even if you’re usually careful with your money, it’s easy to land in debt after the holidays. This New York Times article includes a variety of strategies to help you get out from this debt before it balloons with interest charges.

The retirement savings blind spot you don’t realize you have

More people are expecting to work well past age 65 when making their retirement-savings plans. But a new study shows that many people end up having to stop working earlier than expected, often because of illness or job loss. This CNBC article focuses on the importance of factoring in an unexpectedly early retirement when making your financial plans.

How to protect yourself from real estate scams

The FBI warns that sophisticated scammers are intercepting attorneys’ e-mails to find out about home sales and are getting down payment funds wired to them rather than to the home seller. This interesting New York Times article tells the story of several people who were hit by this scam, and steps to try to protect yourself.

How required minimum distribution (RMD) changes under the SECURE Act impact retirement accounts

Detailed article by IRA expert Jeffrey Levine explaining how the SECURE Act changes the rules and strategies for taking RMDs from your retirement-savings accounts, and also the new rules for inheriting IRAs.

‘An Arm and a Leg’: How much for stitches in the ER? Hard to gauge upfront

Interesting article in Kaiser Health News about how difficult it can be to compare the cost for health-care services — especially for emergency visits — even if you know what questions to ask. Tells the experience of a family who tried to do their homework but still ended up with a $2,800 out-of-pocket bill.

This 22-year-old didn’t take tennis lessons until age 16 and is now on the pro tour — an inside look at tennis’ minor leagues

Fascinating article in MarketWatch about the finances of professional tennis players, especially those who are just getting started on the pro tour and have a hard time breaking even.

What to expect when paying for college in 2020

US News article about new laws increasing funding for some federal financial aid programs, upcoming changes to the FAFSA financial aid forms, and presidential candidates’ proposals that could affect student loans and paying for college.

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