Weekend Reads: Retirees moving to college campuses, tips to tackle student-loan debt, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

September 20, 2019

At colleges, what’s old is new: retirees living on campus

Interesting New York Times article about colleges that are sponsoring retirement communities on their campuses — providing continuing education and activity for retirees, and an extra source of revenue for the colleges.

5 tools, tips and resources to help you tackle student debt

Actionable advice in Forbes about several programs and resources to help you (or your children) get out from under student-loan debt.

7 tips for being a successful snowbird

This is the time of year when many northerners pack up and head south for the winter — or dream of making the move when they retire. A long-time snowbird shares financial and personal advice for making the annual transition.

Questions & answers about changes to TSP withdrawal options

The Thrift Savings Plan has always been a low-fee way for federal employees and members of the military to save for retirement. But the withdrawal options for TSPs have been very limited. Those withdrawal options just improved a lot on September 15.

Protect your credit during a natural disaster

People usually focus on the damage to their property after a natural disaster, but they often overlook the impact that the disaster can have on their credit. This US News article explains how important it is to keep in touch with your lenders and not overlook due dates when recovering from a natural disaster.

How the Federal Reserve impacts savings accounts

A great explanation of how the Fed’s rate cut affects savings options — and what savers should do now.

Should you spend, or save, as if you’re going to live forever?

This New York Times article examines studies and stories showing that how young you feel can influence how you handle your money, especially for active retirees.

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