Weekend Reads: Retiring abroad, long-term care stats, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

December 6, 2019

Must-know statistics about long-term care: 2019 edition

Morningstar’s Christine Benz gathered all of the important statistics about long-term care — including detailed information about the average the need for care, length of care, cost of care, and help from the government and private insurers — illustrating how important it is to prepare for these potential expenses in your retirement plans.

What it’s like to retire abroad

The Wall Street Journal re-interviewed 11 people who had written first-person articles in the newspaper within the past decade about their experience retiring abroad. Now that several years have passed, were they still as enthusiastic about their experience? Some are still very happy, some faced challenges or unexpected expenses, and some returned home. People who dream about retiring abroad can learn a lot from their stories about what it’s really like to move to a different country in retirement.

The 5 most important money lessons to teach your kids

Great advice for teaching kids about money at every phase in their childhood, from age 3 up to 18+, including lessons and activities at each phase.

The retirement researcher manifesto

Wade Phau is a well-respected professor who teaches financial advisors about retirement planning. In this Forbes article, he outlines several key investing and planning concepts that can help anyone with their retirement plans.

Inter-generational travel — creating memories for life

For many people, a foreign trip with the extended family is part of their retirement dreams. Good advice from a family who did this about how to prepare and smart moves that helped everybody enjoy the experience.

What to do with a windfall

Good advice from a certified financial planner about what to do with a windfall, whether it’s from an inheritance, selling a business, stock options or even winning the lottery. This information can be particularly useful as many people will inherit money from their parents over the next decade.

Making the call

8 questions to ask that can help you decide whether to contribute to a traditional or a Roth retirement-savings account. A clear explanation of the pros and cons of both types of contributions.

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