Weekend Reads: Stimulus checks, build your kid’s money skills, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

April 18, 2020

Get my payment

The IRS’s official tool to help you check on the status of your stimulus payment.

8 ways coronavirus will drastically alter Boomer retirements

Interesting analysis in Forbes predicting the lasting impact the coronavirus will have on a wide range of retirement issues, including investing strategies, unemployment and retirement timing, financial goals, changes to care facilities and senior housing, and even travel.

Build your kids’ money skills while they’re home from school

The CFPB also has an excellent guide for building your kids’ money skills while they’re home from school, filled with activities and resources for children of all ages — with sections for preschool, school-aged children, teens and young adults.

FAQ on stimulus checks, unemployment and the coronavirus plan

A great explainer from the New York Times about who is receiving financial assistance and how to get your money faster.

Here’s what the relief packages give self-employed workers

A similar guide from the New York Times about the provisions in the CARES Act that help freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers and other self-employed people. Explains who qualifies for a new tax credit for paid sick leave and family leave, special unemployment benefits for self-employed people, and other tax and health insurance issues for people who work for themselves.

Protecting your finances during the coronavirus pandemic

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s information hub includes a wide variety of resources to help with your finances now — from explaining the rules for the CARES Act for student loans and mortgages, to timely tips to stay on top of your finances, help for small businesses, and protecting your credit during the current financial challenges.

FTC’s most recent scam alerts

The Federal Trade Commission is updating this list almost daily with warnings about the newest coronavirus-related scams.

More cuts to 401(k) matches are coming

Some employers are starting to cut back on 401(k) matches as a way to conserve cash during the coronavirus financial challenges. The Center for Retirement Research predicts that more employers will follow their lead, based on actions in previous recessions.

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