Weekend Reads: Teaching kids about money, boost your retirement income, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

February 8, 2020

The time is now to immediately start your child on the road to financial literacy with these five hands-on tips

Forbes column with some helpful advice about things you can do at home to start teaching your kids about money.

What do the world’s most successful people do when it’s time to retire?

Interesting article in MarketWatch about special programs at top universities for retirees — not just allowing you to audit classes, but year-long programs at Notre Dame, Stanford, Harvard, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Minnesota for people who recently retired and are looking for their next act:

Checklist of common errors when preparing your tax return

Helpful list from the IRS of common errors when filing your tax return. Timely as people are finishing up their tax returns over the next few weeks:

If you really want to amp up savings, sweat the big stuff

Long-time financial columnist Chris Farrell puts some common retirement-planning advice into perspective in this Minnesota Star Tribune article: Rather than worrying about small expenses like your daily latte, spend more time focusing on major expenses that can make a big difference in your financial future, such as your home, your car, and student-loan debt.

Avoid these 4 traps when claiming Social Security

The strategies for getting the most from your Social Security decisions can be complicated. This article in USA Today clearly explains how to avoid some common mistakes.

9 proven ways to boost your retirement income

A wide range of strategies from The Motley Fool that can help you increase your retirement income — from doing some work in retirement and moving to a lower-cost area, to getting an income annuity and investing in dividend-paying stocks.

Get your financial files in order. Those who may need them later will be grateful.

The Washington Post’s personal finance columnist, Michelle Singletary, always does a great job of telling people’s stories to help explain financial advice. In this column, she takes a dull topic — organizing your financial paperwork — and shows how important it can be to help your heirs settle your estate. Great advice and resources to help you declutter and create a filing system for your financial papers.

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