Weekend Reads: The Secure Act, seven money moves, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

December 21, 2019

Congress is set to pass the Secure Act. Here’s what it will mean for your 401(k) and IRA

The Secure Act is the first major legislation affecting retirement plans in more than a decade, and it’s likely to be signed into law in the next few days. Barrons talked with financial experts about the impact the new law is expected to have on retirement savings and how you may want to reassess some of your financial strategies.

Seven money moves you can actually make before the end of the year

Not your typical year-end financial checklist, but a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow to take stock of their financial situation from the Washington Post’s Michelle Singletary.

These holiday scams are heavy on naughty, totally lacking in nice

Scam artists come out in full force during the holidays. This LA Times article includes great advice for avoiding some of this year’s top holiday scams.

Get ready for taxes: What to do before the tax year ends on December 31

Helpful resource from the IRS about key steps you can take before year-end to make the most of tax breaks and prepare for tax-filing season.

Four moves to make before a market downturn

The headline sounds scary, but this advice in Forbes can help anyone prepare their portfolio and personal finances for periods of market volatility.

How to give the gift of a college education instead of an iPad — and sell the idea to your kids

Detailed explanation of 529 college-savings plans, the benefits, and how to choose a plan — and advice on how to ask family members to contribute, too.

Why this “rule” about credit-card use could be costing you

Explanation of some of the more complicated details of the credit-score calculation, and some little-known ways to improve your score from CNBC.

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