Weekend Reads: Your money and the coronavirus, working from home successfully, and more…

By: Kimberly Lankford

March 20, 2020

Your money and the coronavirus: You asked, experts answered

Answers to a great variety of personal finance and investing questions in the New York Times about how to deal with the current market volatility and economic uncertainty.

How to survive the economic fallout from COVID-19

Detailed analysis in Kiplinger’s about the economy, the stock market, and the what to expect in the months ahead — and what you can do with your investments.

I’ve been working at home for years — this is how to do it successfully

Timely advice from longtime journalist and career expert Kerry Hannon about setting up your home office and remaining productive if you have to work from home for the next few weeks or months. Includes links to great resources and apps to help you connect with work while at home.

At 63, he joined the Peace Corps and moved to Moldova

A nice break from coronavirus coverage: A podcast by David Jarmul, who retired early from his job at Duke University and joined the Peace Corps with his wife, Champa, and lived in Moldova for two years. I’ve interviewed the Jarmuls in the past and they have such an inspiring story about finding meaning in a second act after retirement.


Baby boomers: Tech updates that help you and your parents age in place

Now that more people are sheltering in place — especially seniors — it makes you appreciate technology that can help you monitor aging parents from a distance and improve their safety and security at home. This article in the Boston Globe recommends several helpful tools:

Now is a good time to do an annual retirement plan checkup — here’s how

Timely reminder in MarketWatch of the steps you should take every year to review your retirement plans and make sure you’re still on track to reach your goals — especially this year.

You hate risk. You need growth. What do you do?

The market volatility has made many people question their tolerance for investment risk. Even if you know that you should keep your long-term savings primarily in stocks, it can be difficult to stomach the market’s wild swings. This New York Times article provides guidance based on your stage in life.

Buying a home during a pandemic

People who have carefully been saving and planned to buy a home over the next few months may be questioning whether they should delay the purchase. This New York Times article features stories from three couples who bought homes during the last financial crisis in 2008.

Online grocery delivery in the coronavirus era: 8 things you must know

Many people are considering ordering their groceries online rather than going out to the stores. Learn more about your options and how the coronavirus has changed the dynamics of online grocery shopping.

What it means when the Fed cuts interest rates

Helpful explainer in the Washington Post about how the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cuts can affect your personal finances.

Money advice for economic turbulence

Checklist with clear advice from a finance professor about steps to take to deal with market volatility — both today and anytime.

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