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Learn the basics of long-term care and determine if insurance could be right for you
"According to, over 50% of retirees will need some long-term care help during their lifetime. Having a plan in place protects your savings and ensures you can pay for care if you need it."
Dennis Ho, CEO of Saturday Insurance
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Learn the basics

What long-term care is and how much it costs in your area are just some of the key topics covered in this assessment. You’ll also learn about how insurance works and where it fits into your financial plan.
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How it works

Get a personalized assessment

Get a free assessment of how much care your savings could cover and where you might have gaps.
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How it works

Access instant insurance quotes

Get sample quotes and assess how much insurance might cost for you. No personal information required or pushy agents involved.

I felt like Saturday did a great job understanding my specific needs and providing me with an option that made coverage and financial sense. They were very honest about what I did and didn’t need, so it felt more like a partnership rather than a sale.

Paul, Brooklyn
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